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  • @Craftymethod You know my last name right? 4 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @Craftymethod So I’ll count you along with the Jew hating criminal OK 4 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @mmartoccia You mean like my YouTube channel and my website and my Facebook pages? 4 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @krlosgg @spaceweatherman The solar wind, not earth 4 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @spaceweatherman PS - reversal is even being nice... it did the full 360 flip. 4 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • Wrong analysis from @spaceweatherman on last night's aurora. "For no reason"? The solar wind had a magnetic reversa… https://t.co/6rhAq2YvHL 4 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • That's a lot of lows... just one high. https://t.co/gAtjvpiGAU 5 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @JessieJaneDuff @realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump @deneenborelli @RealDrGina @pnjaban @KayaJones @NaomiLevinNY @heytana… https://t.co/bprPYDUuSV 5 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • ...the good one. [in case there was confusion] https://t.co/wxR0ylqGdF 5 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @Scheenaard1 Ice... same chemical that makes rainbows. They just did this to taunt the community. 5 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @eveskcige No that's ice... but they did this in a way that taunts the community who knows. The colors are almost always ice. 5 hours ago @TheRealS0s

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