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"Tobias Schmengler" Is the Mark of the Beast(System Name) This [...]

Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen
via The Full Circle Project
"Tobias Schmengler" Is the Mark of the Beast(System Name) This Man got this "Name" from his Parents Raised and Programmend in the "System" Not knowing what we are i Belived i need too BE Someone.

This Man has no Intent too Build a nother System or Change the System and know's !.

The World is a Lie Build on the BeLIEve's who sacrifice Life Energy too stay in a nonsense Illusion.

Words are Magick Tools!.Nonsense Symbols SPELLed trough stay in this Illusion

Every Lie is a Curse and someone has too Process.We are only responsible for what we Do/Thing/Feel and Say🙏

Doubts are Bullets
Opinions are Guns
And sharing Opinions the Battelfield

Do no harm is the answer of Love
The Sun shines for ALL on Earth
True is what can be expierencd in every singel moment for ALL on Earth.

THIS Man's Intent is too Heal his deep Pro-gramm(ar)d Trauma and take the full responsibility for Life he gived trough his Free Will a 3rd Party Organisation who got sick by carry the Might(The Responsibility of xxxxxxxx...... )Man's.Resliese this this MAN has no one too blam and is responsible for the mess he's creating in this Nightmare.

Letting go nonsens and turn this Nightmare in a Dream of Live
Let go what are Divids us
Because the Sun shines for ALL on Earth🙏

Wish no Harm and deep Healing🙏
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