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I've been watching our human awakening for many years, now, [...]

London, Greater London
via The Full Circle Project
I've been watching our human awakening for many years, now, and it is so heartening to see how far it has come. It is no coincidence that this project has been set up to unite us against the tyranny of control that has enslaved us for most of what we are told is history! It is an honour to be part of an awakening reality!
Andy W
I would like to advertise The Uncarved Block website, dedicated to the nature of reality, and providing a platform for open-minded people to advertise their creative works for free:…
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 17:18:40
I checked out The uncarved block and wanted to let you know that I like what you are creating.
Tuesday 3 November 2015, 20:11:31
Andy W
Thank you for the positive comment, it means a lot. There is still a bit of work to do, and a lot of advertising to get it to be viewed by a greater number of people, so that the articles and creations of others (we are all one!) can be seen. Thanks again.
Wednesday 4 November 2015, 18:11:15
work in progress ... always the best kind ;in my opinion
Thursday 5 November 2015, 19:26:17
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