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Waddup fellow truthers, I'm trying to get Global Non-Compliance Day [...]

Paris, Île-de-France
via The Full Circle Project
Waddup fellow truthers, I'm trying to get Global Non-Compliance Day off the ground with all of you out there. What do I hope to accomplish? Well, you're right global non-compliance should be everyday, but is it? Are you not complying with this system anymore? It's at least a start and every idea in our fight for freedom should be investigated in great detail. We need to do something guys and not just talk about doing stuff anymore. I somewhat agree that one day of global non-compliance doesn't sound like much but what if we got a good portion of the world's population to do it. Thanks to our brother Max, we now have the Full Circle Project to do it and what if we were to spread this date of global non-compliance like wildfire. It would be a good way to wake people up to the current problems of this world and not just spread fear like so many people do, but to actually say here's the problem, here is the solution and on this day we are going to give it a shot. WE HAVE TO TRY is my point. So what do you guys say?
[deleted user]
"Thanks to our brother Max".... Is this site not becoming a new worship site? You rely on just one person and you become sheep of a new bible. Do we not need to think for ourselves and just take others as reference points? Non-Compliance is not new but in reality it achieves fuck all. I know that this site will be monitored but how about a "Smash government day"?
Saturday 12 September 2015, 19:34:21
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