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"that is where I am now. null and void everything, [...]

Hacker Valley, West Virginia
via The Full Circle Project
"that is where I am now. null and void everything, for my personal sacrifice nothing is too much and doing it out of my free will and will keep doing and am doing all I can to see back of this two sides of same coin once and for good. Interested not in construct realms infested by harvesters of sorrow, I keep it all for my-self, no not that I do not share (this message is sort of sharing) I just ask where is your love, to whom you given consent, why you worship tyrant for either imagined sides?
presented with box I always jump out, in definition there is concealed identification, chain of enslavement. so we part ways, noone should follow me, nor follow them, only yourselves, and not how it is suggested for you will find yourself exactly where you are, and it is no good. In order for one to get where he is going he must be aware in totality of where he/she is, I know it is not for weak stomach and it is not for the timid, but there you will see that all deceits pose as both light and dark in this despicable creation infested with parasites pretending to mastered everything while at the same time are feeding of your energy because they have none of their own."
yes! maks!!! gr8 man
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 07:24:07
Well spoken Maks. When One realize that the Dark and Light sides of the Coin are inseparably connected Together, then One realize that They are actually on the same Side of the Coin. It doesn't end Duality Journey, cuz it ends with the full Integration with the Source; it only Change the Perspective - when Light and Dark becomes One side of the Coin, the other side becomes... the Unknown You The sides are now become Known and Unknown. One starts to watch the same Things with a different attitude, and discovered that the Things are different than they used to be. The Illusion breaks, and the Real Journey begins. Another Circle completed - another Doors Opened. Just have write 'Good Luck' to You, and erased it with a smile, cuz I've realized that You already Know how to Create that, which is Good for You. Namaste Fellow Traveler ;)
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 14:03:51
I m triple agent dear, there were reading me to be on the dark side, I could have such an control, but it was pointless devoured of spirit, with bunch of limitation you meet on so called bright side as well, I never gave consent to any of these, if you ask me I m still the source, and that is were we want to be, for you see we never left, just observed attached or not, but observed, out of pendulum means out, I will always favor love, will always like biggest predator of all impose my bright side (how s that for dark side?) but I will never identify with it, I m just controlling it, so it gets triple
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 22:31:15
pectrum of vibration from fear to love, will always favor love, yet I m out of pendulum, I can't get where I need to be because I am always were I need to be, it is so con-fusing, like fusing cons...
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 22:32:28
In the Golden Center middle Way (by which i CONSider Balanced state of non-attachment, something like Emptiness) Everything is Our Teacher. Every swing of Emotions points out a Lesson to be learned, cuz every which one puts Us out of the Present. It's like constantly trying to be Your own Dedal that's Teaching Your Ikar of not going to high, nor to low, and also not disbanding the Ikars desire for taking max Enjoyment from Our Ride. It's a Sacred state of Unia Oppositorum. Middle Way, Golden Center... or being 'triple agent'. Also, damn confusing state in a 3D Reality, especially when We need to associate with Others. But also, that is another reason why We are here ;)
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 23:29:08
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