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Well it seems that humanity is starting to wake up [...]

City of Industry, California
via The Full Circle Project
Well it seems that humanity is starting to wake up and the system sees it and are panicking. This is the time of standing up for the truth and what is right no matter the cost.

Im very interested in the idea of the project and look forward to what lyes ahead

I heard about the project from a Richie Allen youtube with Max Igan from this November after Paris... The theme I got out of the explosive appearance is that,
This fucking bullshit needs to stop and the criminals need to be dealt with, immediately.
Mark R
Welcome! We need to overthrow this crap immediately. I am wondering, especially at New Years, what the next false flag operation will be?
Friday 1 January 2016, 06:25:04
you will owercome it mark.........or anyone in so simple way. and that way is to understand who you really are my friend. by owerthrowing anyone you are again showing that you dont understand who you are. who ever is on the trone is there because he uses your non awareness of your self. so you anconciously giving him a promision that he can do so. but he will not be on that trone if we are a being colective which dont sink with that kind of output. that is way we have been fed all the time with all kind of belives so that output will allways stay the same. and the output is menifestation of our belives. which allmoust no one understand that they ARE SPECIFICLY GIVEN BELIVES WHICH WILL PRODUCE CERTAIN OUTPUTS. nothing in this place is random. but in the end........everything comes from us and our state of being. WE ARE NOT HUMANS ON PLANET EARTH. we can call like that our experince here if we want to do so......but its just an experience. and we are not just are everything that you see mark. that is way the information travels in instant mode. because you are conected with everything that you see and dont see which is tidle wave of frequencyes. and if you are conected with everything.......WHAT THAT MEANS? IT MEANS ONLY ONE THING MARK.........THAT YOU ARE EVRYTHING. and that is not some farry tale. its true. but we dont see it. and that what we see......its manifesting a world in specific maner. because each of us is having his own input on creation of reality and because we are interconected like evrything is, the conectivity among all of us and the group level of understanding how it manifest reality, will dictate in which way we will manifest it and how it will be created. and that colective undersatnding is changing instantly with understanding of individual whic IS THE WHOLE COLECTIVE BECAUSE ITS INTERCONECTED WITH WHOLE COLECTIVE IN ALL POSSIBLE WAYS. even if you dont think about anything at all in this moment are conected thru ENERGY with everyone and everything. so.........THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL.......IS AWARENESS OF ONE. because in that one are all. that is also not a farry tale. that is true. simple true. so far far far away from our curent blives and statements........i know. but its true. and no one can push that understanding to no one. impossible. because each of you are creator of everything that you see in this holographyic ilusion that your energy field downloads all the time from factory of interconected energy fields. and because of that.........each of you creates his own reality in his unique way and have all power that exist anywhere to decide for itself WHAT HE WANTS TO CREATE. ther is only one solution to all problems. and that is AWARENESS OF TRUE REASON OF MANIFESTING PROBLEM.
Friday 1 January 2016, 11:00:35
and the enormity of responsability of entaire collective which is still un known in our collective awareness is this one......WHAT EVER NEW ENERGY WILL MANIFEST HERE WILL BECAM A VERY CLOSE THING TO REPLAY OF THAT ENTIRE COLLECTIVE. BECAUSE IT STARTS INSTANTLY DOWNLOADING ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT IT. that are our litle childrens. a sponges. who are programed by us in all possible ways. and further on.......thous childrens ARE POTENTIAL REFRESHMENTS OF COLLECTIVE IF COLLECTIVE UNDERSTOED THAT. if not.......they becams clones........the same practitionars of same things like the colective. and because they energy is fresh and potent they are new creators of reality which will also afect thous which energy is mostly consumed. now......can you all see the enourmous inportance in what we are telling to our litle children. see.........SEE HOW THE PICTURE CHANGES WHEN YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE CONCTED WITH EVERYTHING. and not separate from everything????? can you see that?
Friday 1 January 2016, 11:53:28
[deleted user]
hey zxc welcome to the fcp.
Friday 1 January 2016, 13:22:25
[deleted user]
Ah, the Blue Flame of Anger, good anger. How do you propose to do this? At one time I would have jumped at the chance to storm the castle and start feeding these people into a woodchipper, fertilize the landscape with their blood. Eventually, I had to ask myself, "Who you gonna kill, tough guy?" Who are "they"? Who are you going to overthrow? Your local police station? Some legislature? The IRS? The Queen? Who is the target? Who is really pulling the levers of power? Being angry all the time will just make you cynical and ineffective. Besides, this plays into their plan of evil in multiple ways. For one, I think they'd love to see an uprising so that they can completely close society down, globally. For another, they have more and bigger guns than you. We can throw ourselves at them en masse, and it wouldn't be enough. These people have weapons that make nuclear bombs look like toys, bet on it. I believe that nothing would bring them greater joy than to vaporize all of the rabble in an instant. No, better to take that anger, all that courage you're feeling, and do something constructive with it. Feeling brave? How about you stop participating in this system? Pull out your support in every tangible way. Try to do it without crippling yourself, you must be able to function in the world to be effective in this fight. We know what the next false flag will be, you know what it must be. After 15 years of false flag attacks, elevated terror alert levels, constant droning on by the idiots in the MSM, and even the idiot over at Prison Planet, we know that the only thing that will shock the public into their next problem-reaction-solution will be either mass social uprising (look at Europe for how they're trying to do that) or a nuclear blast someplace. We better get real creative here, and real quick, the window is closing.
Friday 1 January 2016, 15:33:48
[deleted user]
I ran across this today, after I posted the above, a synchronicity in the slip stream.
Saturday 2 January 2016, 05:12:29
I've read the post,and was shocked by the cars with melted engine blocks,1/2 mile from wtc2!There are obviously weapons that we little people can't possibly imagine,because it is "Classified".Maybe we should all indulge in the the things that make us human,like great music,humor,artistic creations and of course love for one another,which the powers that be are totally devoid of.Lets teach them"the psychopaths" how to walk,because they've never learnt it!
Saturday 2 January 2016, 13:56:27
Phyllis M
I'm with you, Mickyg. Happy New Year! Let's hope this is the year that everything Sheldan Nidle (sans the light chamber entombment) and others have been saying comes true, and that we have our segue from 4th to 5th dimension with minimal chaos. Peace, y'all.
Saturday 2 January 2016, 16:41:25
[deleted user]
Count me in too, Micky! Love one another -- that's the most powerful weapon that we can wield. Wrong to even think of it that way, really, but to defeat "them" we need to love ourselves, and each other. What will spring from that are the best things imaginable. Not to focus on the destructive, debating whether to even say it, but a lot of what came out of SDI has been declassified. You can read the patents, see what they HAD in their arsenal, and if they feel safe exposing this information, I shudder at the thought of what they have now. The only point in focusing on it, is that these technologies that have been weaponized, like everything else, can also be used for creative, healing, constructive expressions. That, is the focus of the Shamanic Engineering collective.
Saturday 2 January 2016, 19:38:16
Thanks Shamanic,very inspiring,happy new year
Sunday 3 January 2016, 09:40:44
[deleted user]
You're welcome Micky, as are your words. Happy new year.
Monday 4 January 2016, 03:52:46
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