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This circle is created for those who may resonate with [...]

Carlsbad, California
via Allied Awakeners
This circle is created for those who may resonate with some of the following ideas:
1) The speed and grace of the awakening of humanity to its connected Oneness and true power is based upon the synergized impact of awakened Spirits.
2) This awakening is not so much about what we can learn as it is about what we can let go of that has been sucking our energy from us: conditioned disempowerment, fear, doubt and identification with that which pretends to be constructive but is destructive.
3) Imaginary ego and corrupt institutions are mirrors of each other. As we align with them, we deplete our power and apparently build the power of that which is either destructively illusory or is a "real-world" mirror of ego.
4) We build our true power as we disengage all attention and support other than love from that which is disrespectful, deceptive, manipulative or abusive.
5) Our awakening is predicated on our willingness to build trust in the guidance of the heart. This is felt, rather than manifested in more words. Feelings, intuition, inner sense.

As the above resonates, please see these two links before joining this circle. The purpose of this circle is mutual support of its members and the sharing---only with those receptive---of very non-mainstream tools for awakening.……

The basic tools: humor, silence, awareness and short ideas.

All Love,
Carlo Ami
Founder, Simple Awakening Tools
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