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Need it now. Here to help in New Mexico. workhorse [...]

Tijeras, New Mexico
via Prepare For Change
Need it now. Here to help in New Mexico. workhorse with no lead broke not sure what to do for creating change faster. I cant do old type indentured servant. But for love and light im ready to work fingers to the bone. I help energetically every day to heal humanity , nature and planet but that doesn't pay the bills. I make ormus to sell , Gods liquid light amazing for transforming . But thats taking off slow. Not sure whats available out there i hope this site helps find a cause or people i can work with
Hey bro! It does. I do that to but in Belgium.
Saturday 2 January 2016, 19:42:42
I anchor a pillar of light in
northern hemisphere.
Saturday 2 January 2016, 19:43:59
Love's Light
Awesome. My right foot is ALWAYS on fire
Sunday 3 January 2016, 20:08:51
Love's Light
Anchors are awesome
Sunday 3 January 2016, 20:09:07
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