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Hi there, I am known as Bradley, Iv noticed that [...]

Noble Park, Victoria
via The Full Circle Project
Hi there,

I am known as Bradley,
Iv noticed that that there are quite few of us within a (30 miles or 48.28032 Km) in Melbourne. Iv also noticed that there have been no Events or meetings. So Im writing to as many people as I can find here on FULL CIRCLE PROJECT to see if we can start and use what we have to the best to our ability.
Because I have not seen an EVENT here in Melbourne Lets make one and start the ball rolling.
I know there are a lot of people with different experience and passions, and levels of awakening,
SO LETS ALL MEET UP. Say a picnic lunch in some public park just to get to know each other, lets plan a date and create an event.
I think it MOST important We are awake and we need to carry on. Someone has done their job because we are awake. Its our job to keep it going and help awaken others and keep things moving forward.
So are you in ?? You want to meet up??
Martyn S
Hi Bradley, here in the UK there have been many meet-ups arranged using the connect facilty above. Why not send a block message to all those living in your area - you are bound to get some if not many responses.
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 12:36:07
Martyn S
By coincidence I came across the below news article this morning which you may be interested in watching. At least you have one politician who doesn't seem to be under the clutches of the establishment!
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 12:39:51
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 12:40:44
[deleted user]
Hey Bradley. Good to hear your organizing a meet up. As Martyn S says using the connect feature is a great way to start.You can select to see how many people have been online in the last month or week which is helpfull as you will find that some log in but than don't return freequently
One of the problems of posting here is that it will soon run down the oage and not everyone will see it.
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 14:59:40
[deleted user]
oops sorry hadn't finished that post. Also the events page has been updated and when you add an event everyone in a 20
mile radius will automatically receive a notification. I found this to be extremely useful. I notice a lot of people have set up there own circle which I believe has benefits as well.Hope this helps good luck with your meet up x
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 15:04:09
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