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Hey all,was wondering if anyone can send me links on [...]

Ferndale, Western Australia
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Hey all,was wondering if anyone can send me links on Putin?I've always thought he's doing the right thing in Syria,attend orthodox Xmas mass,but lately I hear he's a puppet for the elite.Can anyone send me convincing evidence that this may be true?Thanks
[deleted user]
Putin is an old school Russian. He's looking out for the Russian people and their interests, as well his own. Syria is about pipelines, just like Afghanistan is. The Saudi's want to run a pipeline to Europe, Gazprom already has pipelines going to Europe. The Saudi's, Israel, Iraq are all constructs of the British, follow the money. Oil prices are being manipulated to hurt Russia, same reason they were kept so low for years during the cold war. It's all geopolitical maneuvering by the establishment and the crown. Who are the "elite", in your mind? Lots of links to Putin, who has the correct analysis? Lyndon LaRouche has some whacky notions, but he as some good ones too, and his analysis generally hits pretty close to the mark.
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 15:02:34
All depends on who you listen to an there agenda , for now Putin is good for us but next week who can say . We need to look at his links to masons and other societies .
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 17:31:40
Peter J
Micky, Are you aware of Brandon Martinez at ? He has - I think - some very astute - and non partisan - analysis of history and geopolitics. He has some very interesting comment on Mr Putin. My best wishes. Peter
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 17:47:47
Maybe you've looked into Yuri Bezmenov already but if not please do give him a listen - he's not talking about Putin as such but describes the Soviet structure of which Putin is a prize product. I lived in Moscow for 3 years and I think guys like Bezmenov are essential teachers! Will try to upload the link but if doesn't work just You Tube: Yuri Bezmenov.
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 18:32:52
Peter J
bluetrip, I concur. Mr Bezmenov offered some fascinating insights into the methodology of covert overthrow - and was so alert, witty and charming in his delivery. His description of a 4-phase transformation is very interesting to me. I mean to revisit his interviews and lectures. I struggle to imagine the motives of those who might seek human degradation - whether at home or abroad - and doubt that our sick adversary can be identified by nationality. My best wishes. Peter
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 19:05:26
Thank you Peter - and I agree wholeheartedly. Nothing of any real significance can be gleaned from analyzing the where with all of nationality, the 'cultural' proclivities of others or the cult of personality. Subversion encourages us to grapple with the endlessly recycled, splintered superficialities of life rather than the fundamentals and in so doing we ourselves become splintered and superficial, unable to perceive the absolute. We degrade, divide - our thinking becomes adversarial from which an inevitable adversary will always arise. The proverbial 'vicious circle'!
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 21:49:02
I personally think it is very very difficult if not impossible to know the true intentions of another. I do believe however that this is a huge game of deception and no one is who we think they are. At present I believe there are many factions at work, intertwined for their own interests. Because this whole "One World Order's" agenda is for a 1 world government, 1 world bank and also a 1 world religion, the bringing down of all religions is vital to complete the agenda and Putin is a staunch religious person, I think this plays a part in his fight and would also allow him to be susceptible to influence from that particular hierachy. However I read a book written by a guy called Edmund Harold "Vision Tomorrow" way back in the late 1980's (it's a spiritual book and it is about this guys past lives, but also about the future) and it is stated in that book that "There will emerge those whose greed is even greater. They lust for total power, even world domination and will be encouraged by the Great Bear(Russia) to act in Unison to undermine the power of the Land of the Eagle (America)". Later in the book it is clarified that it is China and Russia who unite together to bring down America and reduce it to a third world status and that Russia has it's own agenda for world dominance. I am aware it states Russia and not Putin and also that the book was written 30 yrs ago and things, as do people, can change, but having read the book it has taught me to be cautious of "THE GOOD GUY'.
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 23:52:42
Hola Mick, Brandon Martinez has written a lot of articles about Putin, you can find them here Brandon is the guy who put together the ¨Israel did 911 all the proof in the World¨ piece that has been mirrored all over the Internet. Pura Vida =)
Wednesday 6 January 2016, 00:15:07
Thanks for information guys and gals,I shall reseach further into Bezmenov and Brandon Martinez.I feel though that it is a guessing game finding out about these personalaties,I mean no one can even trace Obamas background,without hitting brick walls.This cabal does seem to be all interlinked,and the only probable "Good Guys"is us the masses.I was probably wishful thinking there was a good guy,thanks People
Wednesday 6 January 2016, 12:09:36
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