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DMT is a naturally occurring simple compound found in the [...]

Hamilton Hill, Western Australia
via The Full Circle Project
DMT is a naturally occurring simple compound found in the pineal gland in every single human being. We release small amount of DMT in the brain when we dream and also in higher states of meditation and the complete emptying of the pineal gland occurs when humans die. If you smoke enough this compound (which is not harmful to the body as is it is a very simple compound no harder to digest into body and mind than simple proteins. Basically your consciousness leaves your body and comes back again around 20 mins later. Note that ancient tribes have been doing similar ceremonies with substances like magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, marijuana etc for the past 50 000 years which are very similar compounds on the molecular scale to DMT and produce milder or similar effects. (The only reason these substances are illegal or have become known as "DRUGS" is to keep a narrow minded view about reality so that we will keep up the the systems in place by the people in power. Anywhoo moving on)

Today i had 2p of DMT, within 2 seconds i had catapulted from a single consciousness into an infinite where i had left all sense of anything relevant in our universe (time,space,separateness,the self,all known dimensions) and basically impossible to put into words i could only indescribable it as being omni-present. Anyone searching for deep truth in this life i would recommend doing your research on this compound. There are alot of studies being done on it by physicists all around the world. Caution this is definitely not for everyone as it is a most intense expierence. I assure you it is worth it as definitely the best experience that i have ever had. Thanks for reading. Safe travels!
Heres a link which can also be found on netflix.…
I don't trust that I'd want to come back...
Thursday 14 January 2016, 13:29:33
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