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Hi there, Naoko, Because I have appreciated your posts, I took the time to listen to most of this video about double binds. I am wondering what it was that you wished particularly to discuss about this issue? The most interesting statement to me was something like, double bind situations can deprive the body of oxygen. If you look on the Shamanic Engineering website you will see posted Wilhelm Reich's book, CANCER BIOPATHY. In the preface to that book Reich mentions oxygen deprivation as a manifestation of not being able to fully express on this planet, as a causative factor in cancer. I have not encountered this idea in the medical literature; however, some John Sarno, MD, of the NYU physical rehabilitation clinic, has had fabulous success in treating back pain. His theory is that emotional stress is perceived by the body as a danger, and in order to deflect the pain of emotional stress the today creates a physical pain symptom. The body does this by depriving tissues in the area of pain of oxygen. Resolving or at least acknowledging and working to heal the stress resolves the pain in upwards of 70% of patients willing to address the emotional causes of their pain. Unfortunately only about 15% of his patients are willing to address their issues. These tantalizing
bits of thought make me more than every committed to an inner path of finding freedom through getting to know my Spirit center. I would like to hear more from you and others on this. Thanks for posting!
Tuesday 19 January 2016, 15:59:39
Hi Trees, thank you for your comment and all you warm words. really appreciate you. umm, i don't remember why i wanted to share that specific information...probably this made me realise how easily we can get away from double binds as far as we can pay attention on ourselves..cause all double binds seem to be caused by our own belief of what i have to do...what i need...what's supposed to be.... so i can be more free by just switching my perception....maybe...
Thursday 21 January 2016, 23:58:14
I see, sort of. You might enjoy this song of mine which I just recorded and posted on YouTube, amy post elsewhere on this site as well. May you find wonders every day in your life, Naoko
! Blessings! Haru
Sunday 24 January 2016, 22:30:19
Trees, Haru! thank you so much for your beautiful song. you have very clean beautiful and powerful voice, i like it so much! it brightens my morning. thank you. yes, i'm enjoying and will enjoy my eternal do you! Wish you best.naoko
Monday 25 January 2016, 08:19:24
I don't know how to send those cute little heart icons/emoticons
to this site so "heart" "heart" heart." Thanks and bless you Naoko.
Thursday 28 January 2016, 01:47:03
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