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Hello all! New to the project... Through a series of [...]

Yakima, Washington
via FCP - United States - Pacific NW
Hello all! New to the project... Through a series of websearches (about physics and parallel universes, mind you), I accidentally stumbled upon this page! I've been so fascinated about thoughts becoming reality that I can't stop searching for more and more info. I'm generally an avid news watcher, debating among friends why one political party is better than another... Until recently, I've stopped watching news altogether. The more I learn about the universe and myself, the less I am interested in the fear our media wants us to believe. I want to instead lend my energy to the betterment of the world, and I believe this is the proof that it is possible: There are satellites that orbit earth year-round that monitor the earths magnetic fields. They don't fluctuate enormously, but in September of 2001 they skyrocketed. Scientists pinpointed the exact start of the peak and it was 15 minutes after the first plane hit on 9/11. Collaboratively, those on earth were filled with fear and sadness. Those thoughts and feelings tipped the magnetic field of our planet. This is proof that one shift of your own thought can change the course of your reality. Shift wisely.
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