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Hello, Rosemary, that is exactly where I am! I had [...]

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Rosemary, that is exactly where I am! I had an awakening 2 years ago, and have since been studying/searching trying to figure out what happened to me. I found the ascension movement to resonate with me very strongly. I fell upon this website as well. I also really loved what I read here, and was excited to find a group of like minded people.

In terms of what I would gather for.....I truly believe that we can raise the consciousness of the earth by banding together and raising our vibrations as a group. Have any of you ever hear of the 100th monkey concept? Maybe we could get together and have a meditation circle?

I am also passionate about education, being a Montessori teacher. Education is key to helping people realize there is more. There are choices. I don't think public education is the answer though. The huge gap between have's and have not's is bothering me too. I would march against the 1% for sure!!!!

If anyone is interested the Golden Age of Gaia is a great blog for higher minded people. The Federation of Light is another one. I don't want to offend anyone, so if you try the sites and they do not resonate with you..that is ok! I also realize not everyone's journey is the same.

Let's keep talking.....Wakinyan, thank you for starting this!!!

Hello Hello :)
Thursday 21 January 2016, 04:49:26
It's great to see a Montessori teacher in the group. Definitely a better way to educate. The natural law of morality appears to be drawing an excellent group together.
Friday 22 January 2016, 03:35:59
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