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A bit of good news.... "Ontario Pulls Plug on 36,000 [...]

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A bit of good news.... "Ontario Pulls Plug on 36,000 Rural ‘Smart’ Meters: Is Big Energy Imploding?"…
Thanks Bob, Well - they're not replacing them - they're manually reading them. So you still get the fire hazard, surveillance, EMF, and coming soon - time of day consumption rates . The Government loves you!
Saturday 23 January 2016, 14:55:58
....and we love the Government institution you can trust! least you get the opportunity to give the meter reader an ear bashing and explain the error of his/her companies ways.
Saturday 23 January 2016, 15:02:50
General Electric (aka Windsors) smart meters are not UL Listed or CSA approved in Canada. Look for stamp approval on the appliances. UL and CSA will not approve any dangerous electrical appliance that does not meet their rigorous approval. Know why? Because smart meters are not fully researched yet as to microwave damage. There is a Canadian law preventing any use of an electrical appliance that is not approved by those authorities, yet there is massive installation of smart meters in Europe and North America. No need for discussions and debates. I know NAZI like behavior when I see it. And by the way, when any Hydro/power rep "discusses" the issue with protest groups or individually, they are probably laughing their heads off at those protester(s) because they are using a cell phone. It's an uphill and meaningless battle to oppose smart meters when your opponent observes that you actually support the technology via voluntarily owning a cell phone. That goes for both smart meter issues of surveillance and microwave damage.
Saturday 23 January 2016, 17:40:26
Here`s an article you`ll probably find interesting Doug.Patrick Wood`s book "Technocracy Rising" is well worth a read ...connects many a dot.Cell phones,a pain in the ass,I leave one in the van when I`m working in case of emergencies and it`s on the kitchen windowsill when at home(only place with a reception)...if I didn`t have children who need to get hold of me occasionally or a potentially dangerous job which I do alone I wouldn`t go near a cellphone…
Saturday 23 January 2016, 18:08:17
I understand that we have all been brainwashed into thinking that we can't get by in these times without a cell phone. I have also studied the info about DNA damage to children that won't show up for two generations. The info tells me that all our ancestors delivered our DNA intact and safe. This generation has potentially destroyed their own family bloodlines by reproductive microwave damage and resulting alteration of DNA. Actually too late now...mission accomplished for the masses. I refuse to use one because I don't need to work and I was around when we didn't have em so I know. No chance for the younger ones however and the dweebs who initiated the cell technology will be long gone when the damage shows up. Of course, there will be gliomas but the majority of reproductive damage is inserted by parents using wireless and cell phones around their kids (incessantly) starting in the womb. In addition the message for our grandchildren is now "No bees for you!"
Saturday 23 January 2016, 18:26:35
"It appears that MRI and microwave radiation emitted from mobile phones significantly release mercury from dental amalgam restoration. Further research is needed to clarify whether other common sources of electromagnetic field exposure may cause alterations in dental amalgam and accelerate the release of mercury."…
Saturday 23 January 2016, 20:27:09
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