Status #6196 Cobra recently mentioned the discovery of a new planet within [...]

Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Hessen
via Prepare For Change…

Cobra recently mentioned the discovery of a new planet within ur solar system. This is amazing news to me. Following the history of planet discoveries is like an entity waking up slowly. How we see the universe defines how we think of ourselves and environment. In ancient times there were only five planets known to human and with each new planet, such as Uranus or Neptune, they sort of announced a new age when technology and the rational mind developed. Now with the ninth planet being found, it seems that the world is entering a new age. I think that this fact will greatly influence how humans see their world. Personally, the blue color as portrayed in the video makes me feel as though thus was the planet of our soul, hidden somewhere deeply, yet ever so present and waiting to be discovered. It's about time to enhance our understanding of ourselves and approving the existence of the soul. This will lead to self-mastery and maturity to true self- responsibility and awareness!
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