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Many very beautiful people in Israel [...]

Warwick, Warwickshire
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Many very beautiful people in Israel
A good many Israelis disapprove of their govts actions even more than we do and are disgusted with the "occupation" and treatment of the and I cannot be held responsible for our govts actions,we don`t approve of it goes ,neither can they.
Friday 29 January 2016, 08:02:10
They have no right to be there in the first place. There is NO evidence of any Hebrew presence in what was the ancient kingdom (tiny place) of Israel or in Judea or anywhere in that area. It was all Egyptian territory. They never ever came from that area at all. There is a new book by Ashraf Ezzat which shows that the SEMITIC Jews originated in Yemen, Egypt Knew No Pharaohs Nor Israelites. The Old Testament is mostly stuff copied from the cultural mythology of the surrounding societies. For instance, the Abraham story is a hero myth of the Syrians! Christianity was the religion of the Egyptians - until the Jews, in the shape of the Essenes it seems, destroyed the great library of Alexandria and murdered Hypatia and stole those sacred texts they didnot destroy.
Friday 29 January 2016, 10:30:27
Friday 29 January 2016, 10:30:27
Many beautiful people everywhere but if we continue to back the regime we will all continue to suffer.
Friday 29 January 2016, 11:51:37
All they have to do is lay down there guns and see what they have in common .
Friday 29 January 2016, 22:43:15
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