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hello everyone one much love to you *all*, yes [...]

San Antonio, Texas
via Prepare For Change
hello everyone one much love to you *all*, yes we are going into i feel a vast
change from what we see and feel at this time. So you see where i'm coming from a little clearer and looking for some friends to talk with i follow Dr. Steven Greer, You may like this guy as i do, Bashar-Darryl Anka, Abraham-hick, Benjamin fulford, RA-Channeling - the power of one, David Willcock, Corey Goode, Coast-to-Coast am, Rob Gauthier the ET Whisperer and the list gos i just sign on today don't know any rules here I'm interested in contacting my higher spiritual self, and channeling
hey, we live relatively close. Email me [email protected]
Saturday 8 October 2016, 05:59:19
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