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Always worth listening to David.

Well I'm doing my bit.…

Who else is willing to take their (so called) government on? I know there are some here and I know David goes on about Zionism but lets start with our (so called) government. I lost fear (couldn't give a s**t about them) and I use words with postal power.…
Friday 1 December 2017, 17:42:43
I researched the info. you posted on seals/stamps a few years ago Phillpots it was on the old GOODF site (before it got hi-jacked). i have quite a few folders full of papers/info that I printed just in case something went wrong...(which it did). I am so glad i did that now.
Friday 1 December 2017, 20:56:23
I hope what you did worked for you as I hope it works for me - we are fighting evil. Agree print as much as you can.
Friday 1 December 2017, 21:45:40
tony a
I have a new track that addresses psychopathy and the state of Israel, just making a little vid for it. Wonder if I will get some good promotion from it? I will upload the track once the vid is finished. And by the way, you can't fault what David Icke says in this post.
Saturday 2 December 2017, 04:01:30
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