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BRAINWASHED FROM BIRTH "Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of [...]

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"Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother." *

― 1984 **

* "I am not Winston Smith."

― Hugh Mungus

** Orwell, George. 1984. (1949, 1961). New American Library. Page 298. ISBN: 0451524934

Writing these blogs is more difficult than watching daytime television without slashing one's wrists. That arduous nature doesn't stem from a lack of ideas, nor the pain of creation. I love writing! The problematic part comes in the fact I have to kill myself for 3,600 minutes a week, in order to retain a roof over my head, so I can find perhaps four hours ― every seven days ― with which to scrawl these words.

This system is designed so that we'll agonize monumentally, should we contradict it. I know: I've had my house stolen by the government. Thanks to this bureaucracy, I've been homeless, and rendered emaciated, watched my stepfather die a horrific death, observed my mom's brain and body being eaten alive, witnessed countless friends suffering for no reason at all, and viewed our species slaughtering itself for absolutely fuckin' nothing!

Hitler's minions believed him, didn't they? So did Genghis Khan's. Ancient Roman citizens rationalized their society ― a blatantly bloodthirsty one ― was superlative. Doesn't it stand to reason future generations, gazing back on this non-existent war machine folks are callin' "America", will view us ― the blind populace supporting this force that demands we kill our own species ― in the same light?

Of course they will, if we don't annihilate ourselves prior. "America" has harnessed the ability to eradicate all of humanity on Earth. There's nothing more detrimental to our species than that. Nothing! Neither Hitler's ignorant followers, nor Khan's, nor the duped masses of Rome can claim such. Yet, we still view ourselves as "the good guys." Hence, we're demented and deranged!

When brainwashed from birth to believe something ― even if that something is a flagrant, horrendous lie ― most adhere to it. Take manifest destiny. It's an "atrocity" when other "countries" slaughter indigenous populations, in their quest to acquire land. That said, when the "United States" engages in the same modality, it becomes our "fate," or even our obligation, and a wondrous endeavor.

Same action ― the desecration of our own species ― but liberally sprinkle PR, otherwise known as Edward Bernays Sauce, and something heinous becomes something admirable. When mired in a nightmare, but informed over and over it's a dream, most choose to believe the latter. If those around them follow the same path ― accepting something that's insane ― it's easier to promote the lie, than oppose it.

All these talking heads on the TV can't be wrong, correct? Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow are such "well-schooled," "successful" people. They must speak the truth, right? And, of course they'd never lie to me. Not even in a system in which humans are paid to lie constantly.

You're supporting a force that's created nuclear weapons, and detonated them on you thousands of times! Blitzer, Cooper and Maddow ― as well as any "news" reporter on mainstream TV — are singing the praises of, and promoting this system.

I haven't believed in authority ― government, religion, school, etc. ― for decades. In that time I've harmed no one; and helped enlighten people to the truth. What has government done during that interim? Destroyed, destroyed and destroyed.

Kick this crap to the curb, people! Take your autonomy back. Don't you abhor being slaves, or have you never heard of Stockholm syndrome? ****


Even though government has nuked you at least 2,053 times, you show it adoration. As bureaucracy strong-arms us to pay extortion fees ― concealed as taxes ― we continue to support it. Unless one is unhinged, how does one exhibit love for those who are obnoxiously monetarily rich, while the rest of us fight to survive?

Again, how can you look at whichever corporate clown occupies the White House, and honestly assert he's your servant?! He lives in a mansion, for fuck's sake, while you're narrowly staving off starvation!

In order for authority to rationalize its existence, it's imperative the populace is kept in a constant state of suffering. Such is the only way hegemony can justify its presence.

"Look at how many people are starving. We can help."

"Fuck off! It's because of your stupid monetary system they're going hungry in the first place. There's an overabundance of food for everyone. That's a secret as well concealed as the fact that Oprah sucks. These people aren't eating because they don't have the money with which to do so, and you know it!"

You don't kill a weed by spraying its leaves; you rip the fucker out by its roots. You'll continue to go round and round ― in circles that get you nowhere ― if you vote, talk politics, believe in government, conclude "countries" actually exist, support a monetary system, join a church, enlist in the military, etc. You can think for yourself. You don't need that horse shit…

You never did.

— Hugh Mungus
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