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What was it like to work with Hitler and the Third Reich? For the answer to that question, one need look no further than the Ford Motor Company, General Motors and IBM, to name just a few "American" corporations that gleefully assisted the Fuhrer in the annihilation of millions.
Isn't Volkswagen the german engineered car?!
Wednesday 3 January 2018, 16:30:23
Hugh M
Volkswagen is a German auto manufacturer founded in 1937 for the purpose of providing less-expensive vehicles to the masses. Up until that point, very few citizens in Germany could afford cars. It was the intent of Volkswagen — which translates to "people's car — to change that.

The Ford Motor Company produced more than 30 percent of the trucks for Hitler's Third Reich, using kidnapped slave "laborers" — whom they retained under concentration camp conditions — at the Ford-Werke plant in Cologne. These "workers" were starved, beaten, tortured and often killed.

What follows is a quote from Elsa Iwanowa — one of the "laborers" from the aforementioned facility:

"They took us by truck to the Ford plant in Cologne. We were just children, we were frightened, calling out for our mothers, crying all the time. At first, they told us it would only be for a few months and then we would go home, but they lied to us, they never let us go.

At Ford, we were treated like dogs, thrown into a barracks without any heat, running water or sewage. It was freezing in the winter, terrible, just terrible. The bunks had no mattresses, just wooden planks with a little straw and they only fed us a bowl of cabbage and water broth twice a day with a slice of bread. We were always hungry. I sat all day dreaming about food. If you asked for seconds, they would beat you.

I was forced to work from seven in the morning until seven at night drilling holes in engine blocks while the foremen, who were like animals, supervised us. We had no names, only numbers. Whenever a worker got sick, they took them away. We later heard they were shot. If we didn’t meet our quota, we were beaten."

Because the Ford Motor Company is one of the leading automobile manufacturers today, it's highly plausible a number of people reading this post are driving Ford vehicles.
Wednesday 3 January 2018, 18:59:30
Hugh M
The Opel Blitz truck was the main vehicle used by the Third Reich in Hitler's quest to overrun Europe. Opel is a subsidiary of General Motors (GM).

Today, General Motors produces vehicles for Buick, Cadillac, Chevy and GMC, to name a few. GM also formerly manufactured automobiles for Daewoo, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saab.

Thus, it's a certainty many of those perusing this post are hittin' the highways in GM-produced products, ignorant as to the history behind the car or truck they're piloting.
Wednesday 3 January 2018, 19:13:58
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