Status #75655 The game plays you! Trying to explain duality and thought if [...]

Barcelona, Catalunya
via The Full Circle Project…
The game plays you!

Trying to explain duality and thought if orange was our greatest love they would use it against us. As Ti find broken orange placed! Strategically!

How Ai-go mind reading works / pre crime. Uff, and augmented reality in real time is a trip!

Wake the fuck up folks!
Nothing is real in the world of illusion you only see what you feel. If you feel hate then you are limited heart and mind.

Daddy-Stockholm will not save you, Burnt Offerings will continue why else are they erecting a 3rd Temple. You are enabling. I know its hard to see through the facades but not when pass to the other side and it will be all clear. You heart will sink and so will you.

It is a Black-Goo Reboot for a Burnt Offering. No matter what side the devil is hungry and wants his dinner.

and so the HATE begins !!!…
Ex-Gay Man Born Again Testimony --- eh? "you may enjoy the sexual aspects of it" well then you gay. So lying to yourself is healthy? How?…
RichiefromBoston: manifesting a killers

we have learned nothing
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