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"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

― Jiddu Krishnamurti *

* Jiddu Krishnamurti:…

Humanity on Earth — being offspring of the cosmos — is deeply embroiled in it's own soap opera, only this show's entitled All My Retarded Children.

It's not only acceptable to execute your own species, it's celebrated, as you're bestowed medals for doing so.

You revere people who collect more meaningless strips of fabric — known as cash — than others.

Mass murderers are your leaders.

You remodel your house, yet do everything you can to decimate the planet upon which it's built.

You've no way off Earth — should you be forced to escape — and you're doing nothing to fix that.

You watch egomaniacs pretend to be other people on an invention called a TV — whilst wishing you were them.

You believe you're the ultimate species, yet you've never left the planet, and couldn't do so if you needed to.

You abbreviate your life by adhering to cults known as religions, that keep you segregated from your own kind, and compel you to denounce others.

Yet, you're fine with all this. In fact, you believe this is reality.

That's what you get when you take the blue pill.

In the words of Bill Hicks:

"Quit putting a goddamned dollar sign on every fuckin' thing on this planet!" **

** Bill Hicks:…

Ostensibly, Sam Walton — the founder of Walmart — was doing his damnedest to accumulate more cash, from his hospital bed, mere days before he died… ***

*** Fishman, Charles. (2006). The Wal-Mart Effect: How the World's Most Powerful Company Really Works — and How It's Transforming the American Economy. The Penguin Press. ISBN: 1594200769

What a fuckin' loser!

Pay for 10,001 hookers, so you can best Wilt Chamberlain's record; overdose on psychotropic drugs; give your billions — including all the stores you own — to starving people the planet over! Anything worthwhile, but instead you spend your last moments in this corporeal form collecting worthless swatches of cloth?!

C'mon, people. When are ya' gonna scream, "Enough's enough," and drop this monetary system that's killing our species on Earth?

"Why do we work so hard? For what? For this? Paper?

Other people; they bomb, they steal, they get away with murder. They create currency out of thin air, and lone it out at interest. Interest!

Why aren't you like that? Why aren't we like that?

Because we're sleepwalking, brainwashed debt slaves, that's why. […]

To the elite we're inferior. […]

It's pretty simple. You work hard, watch TV, take pills and vote once a year. You operate strictly from your left brain. As for all this paper [money], it doesn't even exist. Just numbers on a screen." ****

**** Joy Camp:…

Still, every day, billions of us curtail our lives over something that isn't even real. Stock markets rise, and stock markets fall, and yet — back in reality — nothing is happening. Nothing! Still, imbeciles leap to their deaths from high-rise windows, as a result. What a bunch of morons! How stupid — and pissed off — would they feel if they knew they killed themselves over nothing?

Good idea: using condoms.

Bad idea: re-using condoms.

Good idea: not believing in a monetary system.

Bad idea: killing yourself because of a thing that doesn't even exist.

And what of these anthropogenic laws we're told we have to adhere to? Talk about a joke less funny than buying a double leg amputee a pair of shoes!

Throughout Germany, it's illegal to include anything but hops, malt, water and yeast in beer you're making.

Can you imagine being arrested for putting strawberries in your ale?

"What are you in prison for, big fella'?"

"I killed, and ate, my whole family. I burnt an entire city to the ground, raping anything, or anyone, I could find still alive in the smoldering ashes. What are you in for, little man?"

"I put strawberries in my beer."

"You're mine now, bitch!"

In Virginia, it's a crime to practice oral sex — whether giving or receiving.

What the fuck—?!

Picture this scenario: You're in bed with your wife, and feeling affectionate. You crawl between her legs, and the next thing you know, Jack Lord and the cast of Hawaii Five-0 crash through your plate glass window — armed like a Seal team — ready to arrest you.

Governor Rick Perry incriminated on abuse of power charges? What is that?! Sounds like something as egregious as sprinkling when tinkling. Why not prosecute him, and all politicians, for what they're truly guilty of? Preserving a system that's annihilating us all; i.e. mass murder.

At one point it's not okay to eat meat on a certain day; the next it is?! If you're stupid enough to believe any man-made law is valid, you're exactly what the powers currently controlling us want.

The only laws that exist in reality are known as natural laws — Universal, non-anthropogenic conditions ruling the consequences of behavior. Natural laws are constant — on Earth anyway — cosmic mandates acting as the governing dynamics of consciousness. *****

***** Mark Passio: Natural Law:…

I could go into detail here, but my blogs are about concision and ease of understanding. Hence, a man-made law would be a decree not binding anywhere but within the myopic minds of those mandating it, and those wishing to adhere to it. Let's say something like not being able to turn left at a particular street sign. Hit the intersection in question, and hang a south paw late at night. Your car won't be broadsided, and — although you may incur a ticket — you'll still be able to perform the maneuver in question.

An example of a natural law would be walking off a 500 foot cliff over a bed of jagged rocks. Invariably, you'll die. This is conclusive and immovable. The law of gravity cares not if you're an innocent child taking that step off the precipice, or a mass murderer the likes of Barack Obama. You'll meet your demise, either way.

When it comes to natural laws, there's no sympathy, and no malice. There's only what is.

Natural laws exist in the paradigm of those who take the blue pill, but individuals in this domain choose to believe otherwise. Rather, they drown themselves in what's known as cognitive dissonance — something a considerable portion of the human population engages in when shown the truth.

You're presented with reality, but because it doesn't gibe with how you wish to exist, you force yourself to believe a lie. ******

****** Cognitive dissonance:…

Glaring examples of this are the more than 1,000 nukes the U.S. government detonated on its own populace. Since it's too scary to believe the American bureaucracy could have committed such vicious atrocities out of malice, people choose to believe the insane justification these genocidal acts were executed for a demented, non-existent tenet known as "national security."

Once again, how do you drown a population in radioactive fallout for its own benefit?! Adding insult to injury, you send your children to propaganda factories — termed school — to be indoctrinated into believing this obvious bullshit.

Engaging in cognitive dissonance is lying to oneself, and doing so is a blatant indication of insanity. In contemporary terms, cognitive dissonance is known as denial.

That said, venture forth into a public arena, and literally prove to the populace 9/11 was an inside job. The facts supporting such are overwhelming! No amount of evidence matters. Observe the reactions of individuals to your exposure of the truth. You'll incur everything from rage, to profuse weeping, to being ignored as if you weren't there, speaking. Every technique will be employed so people can continue to immerse themselves in cognitive dissonance — residing in their fantasy realm, as opposed to living in reality.

Again, welcome to what you get — this paradigm in which you currently reside — when you take the blue pill.



Fishman, Charles. (2006). The Wal-Mart Effect: How the World's Most Powerful Company Really Works — and How It's Transforming the American Economy. The Penguin Press. ISBN: 1594200769

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Mark Passio: Natural Law:…

— Hugh Mungus
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