Status #77203 Jordan Maxwell — servin' up a heapin' helpin' of truth. [...]

Las Vegas, Nevada
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Jordan Maxwell — servin' up a heapin' helpin' of truth.
The devil is in the details ,it always has been . Look at the Logos and symbols . Great post Hugh . Have you heard of William Cooper aka Bill Cooper ?
Tuesday 16 January 2018, 07:17:59
Hugh M
Muchas gracias, westwynd! :)

I have heard of Bill Cooper, and was about to purchase Behold a Pale Horse right before the government did their dance on my source of income. As such, I no longer have the funds with which to purchase the above tome.

That said, this is the Internet, and I just found Behold a Pale Horse in audiobook form on YouTube. Thank you so much for guiding me down this path again, my kind friend! :)
Tuesday 16 January 2018, 07:24:42
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