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Breaking the Paradigm! If there was a term for the psychological [...]

Ko Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani
via The Full Circle Project
Breaking the Paradigm!

If there was a term for the psychological and social utopian vision that I, in my heart, am struggling to describe to others it would be a form of ‘Anarchism’. There are many differing opinions as to what ‘Anarchism’ is, and many of those opinions have people believing that just getting rid of this form of Government whilst keeping the very same structure’s that uphold the system we have at present is ‘Anarchy’.

Anarchists should realize that the entire system is a matrix of control and therefore none of the present institutions can remain in an Anarchist Utopia without having a complete over-hauling. As the system we have today has infused itself into every aspect of our lives it has taken control over what we think and how we think. It has also created a fear factor concerning the idea that we can dissolve any of the institutions that the society rests upon.

Can an Anarchist have a ‘Bank Account’ and want to retain the financial system in any shape or form? There are a few self-proclaimed ‘Anarchists’ that have pod-casts and web-sites online that seem to think that being a ‘Free Market (joke!) Capitalist’ is compatible with being an Anarchist. This belief is a ‘contradiction in terms’! Even at its most basic level it is blatantly clear that ‘Finance’ is a form of control All money comes from somewhere. Even the system of ‘Fiat Currency’ that is in place at present comes from ‘somewhere’. It is a Magickal spell that robs the world’s wealth before that wealth has been acquired. In other words it is system based on debt that we all are expected to pay for with our lives, i.e. we relinquish through taxation a massive percentage of what we earn for our labour plus everything we buy with what’s left of our earnings is taxed as well. Well over half of what we earn is thieved by the State for their Masters just to pay debts that our Government thrust upon us without our consent. The ‘Magick’ is that none of the money that the Government borrowed from the Banking institution, which placed us in debt’ ever existed. Due to the amount of none existent money that our respective Governments borrowed from a Banking system essentially controlled by a few families we the people have been thrust into perpetual debt slavery. Of course that debt is as fictitious as the none existent money that was borrowed!

The Banking system is the absolute controlling mechanism of all that occurs in the human paradigm. With the systems over-arching control of what we in our deluded state believe is wealth i.e. money, we discover that every facet of the paradigm that we exist in is controlled by that ‘Magickal System’. We rail at the immoral Corporations but they are only doing as they are told. Through debt based loans the Banking system controls the Corporate world and as much wealth as a Corporation believes it owns it can never acquire more than the system that has the ability to cast a spell and manifest as much finance as it desires or needs to retain its unassailable position as CEO of the ‘Planet Earth Project’.

So would a true Anarchist be a Capitalist and want the world to be controlled by the rulers of the ‘Financial system? Of course not! But, with the inter-locking of all institutions through the Financial System, as well as the influence of Occult groups that beaver away at our society from behind a veil, we find that our society goose-steps towards an aim that none of us asked for. Not only do we have to end the ‘Financial System’ we also need to over-haul every institution that primarily exists as a branch of the Elite’s ‘Tree of Life’.

Education we discover is a tool to brain-wash us into accepting an insane world as sane and to program us to become bio-bots for a system that has nought to do with being a fulfilled human being. Where in the Education system are we taught to become better more balanced people that are filled with compassion and a love for all life? Why are we not taught Yoga, meditation, Taoist martial arts etc. at school? These subjects would help us become more integrated with the real Universal currents that flow behind our perceptions. Instead we are only taught subjects that would further the Elite’s aims whilst keeping us under their control! We are taught ‘History’ that is completely contrived and never stops extolling the virtues of mass murderers that slaughtered their way to power. Geography that shows us that our civilization is the pinnacle of human endeavour and that all of them savages around the world must join our paradigm for their own good! Mathematics is taught but only the most simple form of number manipulation is taught and the real profundity of ‘Number’ is kept away from the masses. They only need to know the quantative aspect of ‘Number’ so that they can be controlled or to help them build the infra-structure that is desired by the occult Elites. As for writing and reading, another great pillar of the educational system, we can discover that our chains are written down as Magickal spells known as ‘The Law’ whilst even our perception of reality relies solely on the Alphabet. (For more concise information on this I suggest listening to my posts on QBLH and the Tree of Lies!). We could substitute the word ‘programming’ for the word ‘Education’ and in that we would be correct.

The Health Institution also needs a complete over-haul. Modern medicine is a complete fraud! That is not to say that some of its cures or methods do not work but to note that the systems initial premise is intentionally faulty. The ‘Allopathic System’ is a system that uses us all as guinea pigs to be experimented on whilst keeping us relatively unhealthy, thereby making sure that we return to the institution to be experimented on once more. That is clearly an over-simplification of the issue but let me add some meat to the plate – ‘Allopathic Medicine’ does not address the causes of our dis-eases, it waits for the illness to manifest and then smacks it with a hammer. Is this institution criminally negligent because it is organized that way” Are it’s doctors under-going some viral form of ‘cognitive dissonance’? In the East we find that the now disappearing form of health care that tried to address the causes of dis-ease was actually a more intelligent method than using a hammer. Sadly as countries ‘modernise’ their social structures they turn from their traditional ways and embrace the anti-humane systems engineered by the occult Elites and that we call the ‘Western System’.

Of course the Eastern systems are not solely the answer to good health but they do promote the benefits of isolating and treating the causes of illness. The detractors of much of what is known as Eastern Medicine will point to the bizarre practices of some of the Shamanic systems that still exist within Chinese and Indian systems of health care. For example, I remember decades ago watching some news articles tell us that the Chinese Elites were paying huge amounts for ‘Tiger Penis Soup’ because of a belief that by consuming this soup a man’s virility would be enhanced dramatically. Behind the lunacy of believing that ‘Tiger Penis Soup’ would make you more virile is a ‘Magickal’ idea and a Quantum idea. That is that the belief of a person, if strong enough, can manifest physical reality to a certain degree. Knowing this should lead to research being done on how that belief or intent works its Magick in the Physical realm. It should not be used to simply criticize the ancient methods as superstition and childish. Western Medicine does not have a petard to stand on as it continues to (for example) use DNA corrupting radiation to supposedly fix cancers, a method that rates highly in stupidity.

A strong body and mind infused with the correct nutrients is one of the greatest weapons against dis-eases and illnesses that we can have. Unfortunately, the new world that we are entering is not at all happy with the idea of bio-bots being healthy, wealthy and wise and so whilst experimenting on us they have fashioned a system that at best keeps us able to be a part of the work-force and as that work-force disappears due to technology allows the useless-eaters an early grave.

Other institutions such as the Military and the Police are without doubt anti-thetical to a society based on justice and freedom and serve only the occult Elite agenda. The Police are not there to protect the people from harm, that is so clearly untrue as to be laughable. The Police exist to keep the status-quo, i.e. to keep the Elite on their stolen throne as the ulyimate power in society. True they do appear to help with stopping theft and violence but only as it pertains to individual acts within society. The Police force does not under any circumstance involve itself with the violence and theft that is perpetrated for the nation State and its occult Rulers. Individuals propensity for theft and violence dissolves into insignificance when the enormity of what the State does to not only others outside the State but to members of its own corpus. As for the Military, they only exist to rob and pillage other nation States and to stop those other nation States from robbing from their nation State!

All in all our institutions are there to control us and not to benefit us so it should be becoming clear that for us to move towards a Utopian vision we must reconcile all of civilisations institutions to the dung-heap and we then need to construct new institutions that would only exist to benefit our new vision.

Returning to the point of what Anarchy is or should be – the Anarchy that I profess to believe in is a philosophy that realizes ‘self-responsibility’ as its core tenet. With a deep understanding of what ‘self-responsibility’ entails the maxim ‘do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you’ would take on an almost mystical aspect. Thieving and committing violence against others would be a big ‘no. no’ as it is not being responsible to oneself. On a purely superficial level we would need to comprehend that violence and theft would only engender the same response to us as we have done to others, we would create cycles that would never end. We could also not create industries that would endanger our environment as that once again would contradict our notions of self-responsibility. We would not give our power away to others or to other organizations as that would not be acting responsibly! We would be involved in the creation of our society and not be simply observers because again it is our personal responsibility to be active in manifesting tomorrows world because it affects us!!!

Whilst Governments could not exist in our Brave New Anarchist World we would have organizations that would help in the distribution of resources so that we all benefited but not at the expense of others or of the environment that we all must live within. As you will see just positing ‘Self-Responsibility’ within our active lexicon we could begin to build a Utopia. This is my vision of an Anarchist world that I would want to live in. Obviously in an article of nearly two thousand words I cannot address all of what needs to be addressed but it is a start and something that I would hope the people who read this would ponder on and begin to flesh out, yours with respect Tony Assassin!!!

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Well written piece
Sunday 21 January 2018, 17:31:53
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