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I am new to full circle, (this is my second [...]

Wittmann, Arizona
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I am new to full circle, (this is my second post).
Just want to say hello from sunny Arizona, and that I am really looking forward to some meaningful community interactions!
Joe Sef
What's up Darren! I'm Joe up in Denver. My daughter in law and her fam live in Tucson, and I've got some very good friends down there. Anyhoo, looking forward to the same brother. Peace!
Wednesday 31 January 2018, 07:46:41
Hello Darren from sunny Andalucia in España do take a look at some of the recent posts regarding setting up a circle/regional group or finding others in your me (coordinator FCP) for any help or ideas about how to get started. Plenty of resources and members onsite to tap into. Get busy, have fun and make a difference What are the issues that most interest you and do you have others around you who are on a similar wave-length?
Wednesday 31 January 2018, 11:01:54
Thanks so much all!
My wife.and I.are just finishing up building our house, (this has been a long time in the making, as we began saving to do this on our honeymoon, 15 years ago. We have been determined to get out from under societal control, and we have done it,.NO DEBT!)
I mention this both because of pride in this accomplishment, but also to let you know that obviously moving in is our priority, but as soon as this is done I do intend to begin getting involved in becoming more acrive in getting a community of some kind together in our area. I am not sure what this will look like, (I will be offering Reiki in the next few months, and putting together some type.of semi-informal meditation group is also a possibility), but am excited about getting started soon, and am looking forward to hearing ideas/getting help from anyone who is willing to offer it.
Wednesday 31 January 2018, 14:30:16
Joe Sef
Wow. That's quite the accomplishment brother! Congratulations man! Good luck with the move and we'll hope to hear some more of your great news my man. Damn! How free you must feel!!!
Thursday 1 February 2018, 04:44:58
Gotta agree, great to feel free, even if it is still somewhat illusory. But we gotta start somewhere! Thanks ,Joe. Great days ahead!
Friday 2 February 2018, 19:11:08
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