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How do you become a member/take part in this community? [...]

Houston, Texas
via UBUNTU Community Missouri
How do you become a member/take part in this community? I’m a retired educator in the field of food, nutrition, and food safety. Would love an opportunity to become a part of an Ubuntu community. Would my age (mid-60’s) be an impediment? Are there places to rent/live? Willing to learn new skills.
Message me please if you are interested in this opportunity.
Friday 19 July 2019, 09:05:32
I currently live near Chicago (moved here last year 2018) and have signed a new lease that takes me through August 2020. I’m still interested in the community being developed in Ava, but for next year 2020. Is this the community you, yourself, are involved with? Can/will you update me on the progress of this community and how I can still be involved in some way? Thanks
Saturday 20 July 2019, 13:15:50
Yiskah, I have another question. My family currently owns 5 acres of property with an old (unoccupied home still on it) in IL near St. Louis. As part owner of this property, I would like to see it become of use to (or become a part of) an Unbuntu community. Can you refer me to an Unbuntu representative in IL (either near Chicago or near St. Louis) that I can speak to about this property?
Saturday 20 July 2019, 13:27:43
I have one more question. What is the protocol for visiting the community (in Ava) for a weekend? (To check out the community..visit with residents..helping out if possible)
Sunday 21 July 2019, 02:18:56
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