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MAGIC ENVIORNMENT We live in a magic environment and no one [...]

Los Angeles, California
via The Full Circle Project

We live in a magic environment and no one marvels at the spectacles. A burst of clouds, then the sky clears until chemical tails line the sky and then no clouds. What would people think to know clouds are formed artificially because of manipulated skies. We blame it on gas emissions, we blame global warming. Small clouds magically ride low these days, not dispersing and standing still amidst a wind. What happened to our clouds that were higher in our atmosphere normally. Researchers found a rain nuclei missing in the atmosphere, a nuclei that held and formed rain droplets. Droplets no longer naturally occurring, nor will again in our periodic table. We can not fathom the deceits and lies. That is why most will never entertain offending they're sensibilities. Those who objectify them accept the enemy to our minds to grasp the intent fore to block out reality serves no purpose.
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