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We are taught through Society that what we accept as [...]

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We are taught through Society that what we accept as truth need to be seen as presented and accepted without investigation because the object of engagement will appear other than it is.
We accept this duality as a coexistence is symbiotic to its preservation and illusion that what is seen, although clear, unobstructed and different from our perception of the thing itself. This belief that What I see is not what appears in its subtle, foundational and motivations through time that has elements apparent to the minds as reality takes an infinitely large area that we are told is unfathomable to comprehend. We accept what is told because we trust our officials, follow their directions to discover what had not been gleaned by man till now. We are given semantics to construct a representational reality that mates with a world presented to us through irrefutable science.
Collusion is the culprit supporting concerns that lean on each as to give correlative relationship existing beyond our senses which a world constructs in the mind according to parameters.
Created to lead the mind into suspension to act in a capacity that is open and indefinable because it is relationally different and not a mono pole emanating a single irrefutable truth as it stands open without need to explain its purpose.
We were made to abandon our objective minds for investigations that fifer from all criteria as beyond mortal comprehension. We accept inadequacy in stride, because it is us in discussions explain a contrary yet coexisting reality. I stuns the mind with space as immeasurable holding secrets to our advancement once experimented with will yield results without a solution.
Working with numbers moving away from our comprehension as we lean more on sciences answers for our benefit with numbers and formula’s to reflect a reality we are coerced to believe or face ridicule for doubting what could not have been fathomed by minds unable to grasp the non-linear formula’s that give approximations beyond certainty. They then hypothesize new potential derivatives into existence by virtue of a reasonable association interacting in a predictable fashion. They then spin attributes that will advance industries outside in a world associated with but not dependent on. By virtue of the mutual inter relationship theorized into a field that within parameters set, Scientist project possibilities as results form before them and not by predictive interactions that could measure.
Satellites that fly, maneuver,gather data millions of miles away to deliver to information that rivals any Wi-Fi on our planet. Five device in one home could through a monkey wrench in the works.
We humans need to move through the day without the blatant representation that needs to be defined by the Intelligentsia and give the less educated and explanation which is hidden in nature, parading as something other than it appears these value under the surface of the thing are give helpers to bring its purpose to our attention. We newed to be educated to receive a description of the world contrary to what we see. Now we explain the nature of the thing and bring it clear in our minds to wrap around, accept as eternal truth never to be countered by any sane person contradicting the world around us as we know it.
This acceptance into a intellectual trade seemingly contradicting my world I Percival and am given instructions on what it is I will know without perceiving it first.
When description precedes introduction we are uncomfortable accepting the contrary. This will become a chronic apprehension of the world that as it shows itself to me through books that tell me my objective world view is now a compromised processor. Processors tale many variable together explain the invisible worlds of Quanta an dour Galaxy they show us in documentaries and movies we are excited with. We are given a prize before the present arrived to our discernment. Problem becomes more complex because we cannot discern if we accept blindly we AR told is numbers beyond our useful Application of them that and our observation to it as we apply the formula’s given to us to solve. These results have a predictable solution once all the elements are identified and how the affect the environment surround.
What if….Its all a lie to decieve, kidknap the mind, enslave it so its dependent on guidance, they cannot scout alone as was mans activity in the world predictable, personal and intimate. The world is at our feet as long as when you gaze in the night sky it has an intimate connection that unattentive to anomolies challenging the descriptive Nature of The Universe and the Plane we liv on. They stuck a T on the Plane and made it round an confusing to accept. We are force fesd these addendums to space as it remains alive in our awareness from news and entertainment. These two give body with descriptive qualities to form pics in the mind closely relating to the description given us. This is so we beginn speaking with surity that what we speak of is a truth
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