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I have said it before and I will say it [...]

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I have said it before and I will say it again.

To learn what was going on around 1500 and I reckon we are still in it, you have to look up history, a subject few want to cover.

The Prince; Utopia; Ninety-Five Theses: Address to the German Nobility Concerning Christian Liberty

This brings together 202 DXM 95 (Holy Motors car number plate I was covering a few days ago). and quite nicely I reckon.

If I find the full movie I will post here so members can understand what was steering me to my awakening years gone back.

202 = Smith Numbers

DXM = Dextromethorphan (DXM or DM) is a drug of the morphinan class with sedative

95 = Sir Thomas More

This video might be factually correct. Who knows? We are here to learn for those who wish to do so.…

One of my posts…
[deleted user]
Are you watching the inpower live stream?
Saturday 10 March 2018, 19:52:02
No do you have the link
Saturday 10 March 2018, 19:53:09
Saturday 10 March 2018, 19:58:48
Cheers thanks
Saturday 10 March 2018, 20:00:35
[deleted user]
they are on a short break
Saturday 10 March 2018, 20:06:44
I will do more research on thomas more
Saturday 10 March 2018, 21:27:01
[deleted user]
Not sure what you mean?
Saturday 10 March 2018, 21:29:04
[deleted user]
are you on live chat?
did you watch the live stream?
Saturday 10 March 2018, 21:29:32
No sorry, I need to do more research on more
Saturday 10 March 2018, 21:53:06
Either you go along with the system or your taken out. Many great people through out history have been slaughtered for spreading truth. In modern times they ( assassinate , hmm ) your creditability .
Sunday 11 March 2018, 03:59:42
Dammit Philpots , Thanks to you , Now I question the words I use . Keep up with the posts.
Sunday 11 March 2018, 04:11:18
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