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My name is Zen. I lived in the wilds of [...]

Rockford, Illinois
via The Full Circle Project
My name is Zen.
I lived in the wilds of Wisconsin for eight months over the winter from late September till may of the next year and took nothing with me but a bug out bag and 100lbs of dry goods. I built my own semi permanent shelter, trapped my own animals, built fish traps, and gathered all manor of other things to eat or make into tea. There are very few people in the world that I know that would ever attempt to do such a thing and even fewer who would truly enjoy it and the solitude for that amount of time. If you want to know what was in my bag, what I gathered, how to set a snare trap, or how to skin and butcher damn near any animal in north America, (save a bear, I'm not that stupid, nor hungry) feel free to contact me. I have not yet gotten around to typing out my journal that I kept for all that time, but I plan to. Many a trial and tribulation in there that should be passed on. Happiness, health and freedom be with you all.
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