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I'm not going to keep this post up for very [...]

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I'm not going to keep this post up for very long as what I will post is rather disturbing and alot worse than I thought but it is what it is. I know China's motivation. I hope this makes sense. America is a fascist state based on slavery, racism, and class distinction, and war. They use a number of categories to maintain thay structure especially through media and education. Basically, just like the Third reich or any Nazi regime,  America sabotaged itself economically after the 2nd WW on purpose. They did this to stifle prosperity in lower class citizen's to keep the birth rate down and to control who gets born. This was thought out to get at China as it was a world war but China was basically isolated. China believe it or not has a huge responsibility for humanity in the 21st century. We all know that right? But with economic downfall there would be know way China could do these things especially with America going further into debt. China decided to take on the debt or temporarily waver it for the U.S. not out of gratitude or alliances,  but it was so they could position themselves to eventually produce prosperity. Unless China accomplishes this goal not only will China be destroyed but our universe will be out of balance. China although took on this debt couldn't pay it's own bills. It's funny because they hurt themselves by taking on the debt and those that China pays bills to are also the debtors. You're basically paying someone to rob you in other words. In order for China to stay afloat, they sold their most precious items. Of course China wants to be repaid and they should because the things they sold off keeps balance in the universe.

In slavery, the women will always have more value than the male because they can give birth (more slaves) or be used for sex by high powered males. America never planned on paying back the debt because they figured they'd already be in a WW with China by now or the turn of the century.

There are just some things that the elite can't do or will not allow themselves to do no matter how much the huff and puff because they will most certainly cross the line and will lose the war against the federation. But what they can do is make it such hardship that it makes ot tough for things to easily prosper or naturally play out, that way things just may never happen. Through things like, war, racism, and class structure, theu could control more easily how things play out.…
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