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Hi Guys, it’s about a month since I involved myself with the site this has been because I had something quite serious to do that would allow me a modicum more freedom than I’ve had over the last two and a half years.

For the last two and a half years I have been persecuted by the Thai Government with the help of the UK Government and have been thrown in prison then when released told by my lawyer to run even though I had no passport as the police kept it. My crime was that I had been a little lax five years ago and let a tourist advisor get a visa for me, she took my money and gave me back a fake visa that I stupidly believed was a legal visa. Two and a half years ago a mini mafia of immigration officers on Koh Samui began my nightmare. My story is complex and unbelievable but suffice to say two weeks ago I escaped the filthy claws of Thailand managing to cross the border to Cambodia. Now I am legal as I abide by the laws made by criminals but am penniless so it’s anyone’s guess as to how long I can function.

Back to the important things! About six weeks ago I had an idea about how we could begin a movement that could if worked right unite a lot of the so called alternative sites and hopefully their followers. The idea was to pen an ‘open letter’ accusing Governments, Corporations and the deluded scientists that are unquestionably destroying humanity through radiation (5G) and transhumanism - here is a copy of an initial draft that I hoped the people on this site would add to or alter, it was a draft meant to galvanize people to participate:-

Open Letter to the unelected Social Engineers that are busy engineering the demise of the human species.

This open letter is to all Scientists, Corporate Heads, Governments and not forgetting the Central bankers who fund the afore-mentioned institutions one way or the other. The central theme of this letter concerns the sociopathic drive towards the devolution of the human race, to where they exist only as biological interfaces for a Digital Eden controlled by Artificial Intelligences. We the people have not wished for this nor have we asked for it.

There has been a carefully orchestrated use of Mass-Media to program and condition the populations of the world to accept a ‘transhumanist’ future. We are constantly being told about countless benefits that A.I. and the 5G network will give to us but do those benefits really outweigh the harm that will be done to us as human-beings? The only perceivable advantages to the Digital Eden being brought about are short term business profiteering and long term control over resources with humanity being one of those resources.

Countless Scientists such as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawkins have warned against the direction we are being manipulated to follow, some of these Scientists are the same ones heavily involved in creating these digital systems which makes no sense at all. If being well funded or climbing that next great mountain on the horizon are reasons to engineer humanities demise then ‘STOP’!

Is it gross stupidity or severe cognitive dissonance that has some of the greatest minds on the Planet creating Artificial Intelligent Systems that they know will dominate, control and without a doubt eventually rid the world of humanity? The question that this Open Letter poses is whether any of the creators of A.I. computer systems or those that are funding the creators want to see the end of the human race and if not why are they so busy placing their great intellects and billions of dollars in this field?

Fully automating the work place is without doubt going to lead to billions of people around the world unable to find any employment. Only the wildest fantasy has a welfare system that will care for these billions of unemployables. Scientists are not creating robots and an automated society for the benefit of the masses and if they believe that then they really are following Alice into Wonderland. Once A.I. is fully operational within society it will surpass all human intellect and become as Google’s Ray Kurzwall claims, the ‘mind of God’, its tendrils will spread throughout the entire structure of what we call society. As A.I. consolidates its position it will inevitably need less and less human-beings to keep the structure functioning meaning that even the myopic Scientists that will have created this, in their own words, divine intelligence, will be placed on the scrap-heap along with the billions of other ‘useless eaters’.

As an integral part of implementing this Digital Eden globally 5G is being rolled out. 5G is set to saturate the planet with extremely powerful EMF’s that will by all accounts cause countless illnesses and diseases including cancers and severe reproductive problems for not only the human-race but for all of life. This system has not undergone any long term testing to see what effects occur to biological systems such as humanity. Governments and Industry around the world are ignoring any warnings by independent researchers concerning possible if not probable problems that 5G radiation will cause to the environment and to us. Is cognitive dissonance a legally valid excuse if committing a crime against humanity?

Profits before people seems to be the mind-set coming from members of Governments and Corporations yet if there was any reason whatever for Governments to exist it is to stop any person, group or organization that wishes to profit at the expense of others. With this in mind it must be recognized that Corporations that by their very nature seek to monopolize resources to profit their shareholders can only function with Governmental complicity. 5G is only being allowed because of its ability to generate profits but that is only a carrot for the greedy. 5G is a system that will enable A.I. in its control of every facet of our lives whilst destroying each and everyone’s well-being physically and mentally.

It is clear to any who have their eyes wide open that our Governments do not in any way work for the masses, only the sleep-walkers still believe that fantasy. We are reeling under a global Kakistocracy that has as its agenda a complete ‘Technocratic’ world that will have little use for what Henry Kissinger called the ‘useless eaters’.

The move towards ‘Transhumanism’ in the words of its advocates, will create two distinct species. One of those species will be human and will refuse to lose its humanity whilst the other will be a machine dominated entity, a cyborg with no empathy that will be directly connected to Artificial Intelligence. Humanity will be at a severe disadvantage to its creation and will presumably lose in its battle for survival as it will be pitted against the vastly more intelligent machine that it has created.

Scientists and their financial masters are being asked – no – are being told by ‘we the people’ to desist from their genocidal actions and if they don’t it is clear that they are happy committing horrendous crimes against humanity and will face the consequences of those sadly twisted actions!

The ‘open letter’ was to have a petition attached so that with the right energy given to it we could amass countless signatures from the millions even billions of people who are awake or becoming awake. The ‘letter’ would then be given to the appropriate criminals. Now I am in no way stupid so I didn’t think that a petition would stop the sociopaths forward march but it would be a point of unity that could be used for global disobedience actions. At the end of the day unless we stop playing the establishments games and we just say ‘NO MORE’ en-masse and face the consequences we will lose our humanity and destroy our own species through our cowardice.

I sent a copy of my initial draft and how I thought it could be played out as a first step to stopping the elites plans to the fcp but as of yet I have really not got any real response. Maybe I am just a crazed Anarchist but I have spent twenty five years researching and studying countless subjects to see what the Elite are planning, how they get away with what they do and at the same time trying to envision solutions. There is no solution if we think that we can stay in our uncomfortable comfort zones and try to fight the system with its own weapons as inPower are trying to do. This is not to have a go at inPower, I think that the 5G issue is a perfect choice to try and bring people together, but if I ask the question as to how many people who have watched the inPower vids and are aware of their solutions have created court cases against the powers that be? I know that the answer will only be in the hundreds or maybe thousands and that’s me being hopeful. 5G is being rolled out now and by 2020 it will be active and probably by 2025 it will have spread around the world like a virus so we don’t have the time to take them to court we have to do something that is not on the legal agenda but is or should be on humanities agenda – any thoughts!!!

P.S. Are we really going to think that we are doing something by posting another vid on 5G, or Transhumanism, or False Flags, or unconstitutional wars, or surveillance, or vaccinations, or etc. etc. ad infinitum or are we going to actually do something?
tony- I'm really glad you took the step to put this 'out there' more publicly as I have had very little response with people behind the scenes; it really is up to US. Lets see how its received here as it deserves implementation
What came to mind in order to circulate it further, is to have it available on the '5G Debate' site (or whatever we call it) that Mat and I are developing so that people can see the long-term consequences (as well as understand what has been happening to get us to this point with emf's etc) as well as the steps we can take to prevent continued destruction while increasing awareness.
Do you agree this would be one specific platform to share your Open Letter as people can have a direct reference and timeline that the 5G roll-out presents alongside?
Just on a side note, the aim of IPM's NoL process is to take the matter out of the court jurisdiction, not back in, and in so doing wake up the people directly involved to who they are, and the responsibility they have... so, its not really using the same weapons, other than with the language they recognise, at least in my current understanding. I am concerned however that its too lengthy a process.... but if we can serve the 'key' people with a direct NoL, its worth to try.

Re the posting of info, articles, documents etc.. if they are tagged accordingly they serve the purpose of being filed in the archive section of the site which is becoming a useful reference for specific topics such as our current focus on 5G/emf's/AI ; in this way it goes beyond just the circulation of info which I agree is not where we need to focus.
I feel we have always needed many ways to confront the attack- hence the "Full Spectrum Response" that FCP has used as its maxim. This would include the range of human skills even beyond the current ones we have been reduced to using, in order to overthrow the full spectrum offence with which we are confronted.
It would be great if others can elaborate as they see fit on this Open Letter tony.... otherwise for sure we will publish and circulate just as it is <3

....and, thank goodness you made it across the boarder. Now for the next steps....
Sunday 13 May 2018, 10:44:26
tony a
Thanks Louise, yes put the letter on the 5G debate. Like I have said the more input the better the letter will be, I am not a one man band even though I am a little out of the 'box' for some people!
Sunday 13 May 2018, 13:23:56
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