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Hi I am wondering if anyone in Sydney wants to [...]

Saint Ives, New South Wales
via SotR - Australia - Sydney, Blue Mountains
Hi I am wondering if anyone in Sydney wants to physically meet up to meditate at some point?
Hi, I'm in the northern beaches, but have never meditated, although I am wide awake and contemplate life, the universe and everything. happy to try with a mentor.
Saturday 2 June 2018, 13:04:37
Rory L
Ready if you are still willing
Friday 15 June 2018, 13:41:34
Annabelle Le Dieu
Yes I'm still keen to plan something on a weekend. New info has come through from Cobra… - Shall we try and nominate an afternoon on either Saturday or Sunday in the next couple of weeks?
Monday 18 June 2018, 00:29:39
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