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As a social and human justice advocate and lobbyist I [...]

Waratah West, New South Wales
via The Full Circle Project
As a social and human justice advocate and lobbyist I am vehemently sickened by the number of kids who are displaced from their dads due mainly to lies, distortions and acrimonious vengeful alienation by the kids mothers.

In fact, it sickens me.

How many children's lives will we allow to continue to be destroyed by these vile mothers who have one main purpose! To systematically retain full control over the children and to destroy the father. How many more. How long are these vengeful spiteful bitter ex wives going to get away with this.

My heart goes out to a dad i know personally who is currently experiencing this type of alienation from his ex wife and to all the dads whose children are being used as weapons.

If anyone reading this, fb friend or not, who has been guilty if this crime against their children and the father of their children, for no reason other than hatred and spite over a marriage breakup, then you can all hang your heads in shame and know this, one day, if not today, if not tomorrow, but one day rest assured, your parental alienation will come Home to roost YOUR front door.

I hope it does.

Craig Peter DG
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